That’s ridiculous.

A Tuesday evening, we sit on the porch of our home, sipping some tea, as usual, watching the sun leave our sight, leaving it’s crimson marks on the cobalt blue sky, sunsets excite me so much, but they also calm me, you have a similar effect on me, because while they bring new opportunities, they […]

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Dear diary, Today was a weird day, It has been weird for many weeks now, This is how it started, One night I was sleeping, as usual, with mr. teddy, when suddenly there were some loud fire crackers bursting outside, I got scared and ran to my mommy and daddy’s room, Because, you know, whenever […]

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Unposted Letters.

how’re you doing? I hope you’re taking care of yourself, you better, you know how I worried I get, me? well, everything’s fine, not good, just fine, just a regular day, folded all the laundry clothes, made our bed, waited for the doorbell to ring, waited for you to come back, thinking about you, you […]

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A classic.

the streets here are little, narrow and paved, the streetlights, oh, the streetlights, graceful and marvelous, there is something mysterious and marvelous about walking down the streets of this charming, unknown land, with you, my love, “oh, look the church by the bridge, shining with it’s classic and timeless architecture!”, I say with a sparkle […]

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One moonless night.

I often come down here at midnight, Only on the dreary, moonless nights, away from every sight, not that they can see me, but they often complain that they can feel me, I wander through the palace, wearing, the same ‘ghungroos‘ I wore, on that wretched night, I, usually, caress the dented, old, carved walls […]

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I didn’t know

It was a chilly thursday night, you told me to carry my jacket, and my gloves, you knew how I hated when my hands got cold, we drove down the dark, poorly lit street, I was scared, momentarily, but then I heard you, gently blowing warm air on your hands, I wasn’t scared anymore, I […]

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drowning all under, all of me, initially, I try to save myself, throw my hands, shake my legs, gasp for breath, but, I’m still drowning, I am screaming now, as loud as I can, with the water, starting to enter my throat, fainting my voice, I think that is the reason, so many people, around […]

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strange days.

days have been strange,lately, some days,overwhelming,almost chokingoff emotions,almost as if,my chest will explode, some days,void,nothing,absence of everything,like an isolated island,null,far away from the road, some days,so much noise,just unbearablecommotion,makes me want to escapeevery land,inhabitated, some days,so silent,a dark muteness,i can hear nothing,my mind,my heart,myself,nothing at all, just like a pale, emptying, moonless night, some days,there […]

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just a little bit

It’s been a few days, and, my heart genuinely aches, not all day, but yes, a morsel of it, every day, just a little bit, when my thoughts are secluded, from all the mess, trying to entangle themselves, I try to get them else where, away, from you, but, for how long, because, I get […]

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You keep me alive.

You keep me alive. You keep me alive, Without you I am nothing, Just a naive and lonely bee, separated from her hive, You keep me alive, It is you, my canvas , through whom, I express my ecstasy, my aspirations, my fears, my hollowness, my dreams, The sensations my system usually archives, You keep […]

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